Christmas Cupcakes

HAPPY BOXING DAY EVERYONE!! In England, the 26th of December is a little extension of Christmas–which I really need right now– because I never got a chance to post my awesome Christmas cupcakes!!

I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday!! Mine was… eventful (to say the least!) On Christmas day I was working with my mother in law to make Beef Wellington for 10- which was really quite challenging. I ran out of English mustard, and as I ran home to get more, I accidentally reversed my husband’s massive pick up into the back of the missionaries little white car! It was my first accident ever…. so I was feeling pretty bummed about that. Then I ran out to the truck to grab my diaper bag, and on the way back to the house, I got attacked by my father in law’s alsatian! He was jumping on me and biting my shoulder, feet, and ankles and growling really viscously, and quite frankly scared me so bad that I was crying and shaking! But apart from the car incident and being attacked by a dog, GREAT Christmas!! and the Beef Wellington turned out pretty good too:

For Christmas my husband got me an X box Kinect, and I tried to contain myself as I gave him his present- which was an Xbox kinect also!! (The exact same bundle too!) So that was pretty funny. My mother in law got me the biggest hamper you have ever seen FULL of kitchen stuff (including an 11-piece Wusthof knife set, which i’m really excited about), and then she stocked my freezer full of beef. (She was at my house re-arranging my freezer at 11pm on Christmas eve) meanwhile my husband was assembling toys like an Angry Christmas Elf (because he was mad Santa was getting all of the glory for his hard work!) But really, our babes had the best Christmas EVER, so it was definitely worth all of the hard work.
My son Braden, who’s 2.

My daughter Gemma, who’s 16 months. They had the time of their lives, which made my Christmas the BEST EVER!

So, now I have told you about my eventful Christmas, it’s finally time to post those Christmas cupcakes I was telling you about. I made some for my neighbours who were our secret santas! (They delivered pieces of a nativity on our doorstep every day for 12 days and ran away!) We finally figured out who it was, and wanted to do something nice for them back.

the reindeer cupcakes made from: nilla wafers, peanut butter m&m’s and pretzels. My Santa cupakes… I had white fondant left from my penguins, and was just playing around, and invented him. His mouth is a chocolate chip (cooked in the cupcake) but you could use a raisin or black icing These were by far the HARDEST cupcakes i’ve ever made. The penguins are a chocolate covered almond with white & orange fondant. I made white icing for the snow, and a candy cane for the “north pole.” I hope you all had the best Christmas ever, and that you all have some really fun plans for new year’s! I have lots of great plans for this Blog, including that site re-design I was talking about, and of course I will be doing a lot of cooking now that I have so many awesome new kitchen tools and gadgets to test out (and half a cow in my freezer!)

Enjoy your “boxing day!”

Love, Sarah