Baby Matthew’s Photoshoot

This weekend some friends called and asked if I could take some pictures of their one month-old baby, Matthew, so they could give their families some photos of him as Christmas gifts. Since we planned on being gone to Spokane for our anniversary on monday and tuesday but wanted to get them their photos in time, I told them to come over as soon as they could. Then I started to get a little nervous because I have never taken new born pictures before. I mean, I have taken pictures of my own babies, but I never had to think about lighting and poses and props and settings. I was also nervous because I have never used my new lens for portraits before- so I had no idea what I was doing!

I studied up really fast on pinterest (which seems to be my go to place for all kinds of inspiration lately!) And then I got a few cute ideas. Unfortunately, because it was so last minute I couldn’t gather any cute props together, but I was able to make it work with a few baby blankets I had on hand, and of course the orchard outside our home is always a nice setting for pictures. He was such a darling little “subject” and I loved taking pictures of him, but it was a little tricky because babies get tired, hungry and cold really fast, so you have to work quickly, and on their schedule! Still, he let me get a few good shots in! Thanks Brian and Hailey for letting me practice on your sweet little guy! Hopefully there’s a few shots in here that your families will love!

Big Yawns! I <3 my new lens because I can get Bokeh! (the lights in the background) They told me they liked B&W, so there’s a lot, but I love them! 
This last picture is really cute! Hailey brought along her father’s cowboy hat and boots to do a cute cowboy themed picture for him. He didn’t like being in the hat very much, and was kind of done with photos by this point, but we got one!!

This photoshoot was not only really fun, but they made me want to have another baby because he was so sweet and so good… but then they started talking about all the sleepless nights and constant feedings that I am all too recently familiar with– So, i’m fine cuddling & taking pictures of friends and families babies for now!

Thanks for reading!
Love Sarah