Recipe Boxes

I have a lot of recipes that i’ve gathered from friends and family, cook books, magazines online recipe sites and blogs since i’ve been married, and one day, when I looked in my cupboard full of “dog-earred” recipe books, torn-out magazine pages and printed papers, I decided I needed a cute and convenient way to collect and store all of my favourite recipes so that I could find them quicker & easier–and so I made this recipe box:

I found some cute cooking-themed paper from craft warehouse and made the flower decoration from different sized torn circles that are held together with a “brad.”
I used the same cooking-themed paper to cover some card, to categorize my recipes on. My chicken section was so full because that’s all I ever cooked! The other sections were pretty scarce! :-/ I haven’t cooked chicken in 3 months now though. (I’m a recovering chicken-a-holic).

I LOVE organizing my recipes this way so much that I decided to make one for my new sister in law, Morgan (who married Dean’s brother this summer). I used her wedding colours, which were beautiful and bright, and the flowers were actually from her wedding invitation:
She absolutely loved it! She’s such a sweetie. She says that she uses it every day, and thinks it’s so cute, so then I decided to make another one for my other sister in law Jessica, who just got married a week ago, and I documented it, so that you could make one too!!

This is what you’ll need: A wooden recipe box (Craft Warehouse!!) some scissors, a tiny screw-driver, some modge podge (PVA glue), and some cooking themed paper, or any scrap booking paper you like. If you’re making it as a wedding present, you could always use their wedding colours- because at least you know they like them. Jessica’s wedding colours were pink and turquoise. I thought this paper was really “her.”

First, you want to remove the latch from the box with your tiny screw-driver. I have tried tracing the paper around the latch, but it looked really tacky, because I couldn’t get it exact enough. (Basically, I have learned that It will look much better if you don’t try and take short-cuts). Trace the front of the box onto the paper. Stick it on with your modge podge glue. Poke holes where the latch screws go. Then give it a coating of more modge podge.
Replace the latch (if you do it when the glue is still wet, it just makes it a little extra secure). Next, cover the sides and back of your box with paper (you’ll need to take the latches off the back too). Give it a coating of modge podge. Then you can cover the lid. It should look something like this when you’ve covered it with paper and replaced the latches:
The next step is to decorate it. I used a green ribbon and a few gems (she loves anything sparkly, like me. (I mean, i’m not sparkly- like a Cullen, but I like sparkly things too!)
If you’re making it as a gift, you could fill it with your favourite recipes, (I filled Morgan’s with gluten free recipes since her hubby has siliac’s)… so you can really personalize this according to their tastes/dietary “needs.” Then you can leave a lot of blank index cards so they can collect & organize some of their own recipes too. If you’re making it for yourself, the beauty of this is that you can customize, organize and decorate it however you want!! It’s awesome! Hope you love it as much as my sister in law’s and I do!

-love Sarah