Peaches & Maggie’s Engagements

Dean’s co-worker and friend, Peaches asked me to take some engagement photos for him and his fiance a little while ago, and I was so nervous- because I have never taken photos outside of close personal friends and family before (they were my first ever paid clients) so I definitely wanted to make sure they were amazing! I researched ‘poses’ for the first time ever, and got a little creative with a few props. I asked Maggie to bring along some things that were just “them” and she brought along the most PERFECT thing ever… her little puppy! I was so excited. Not only were they a beautiful, completely photogenic couple, but they had a darling little puppy too! I wanted to create a little story line, so I figured out how to do side-by-sides, and I think they turned out great! I had so much fun. I think I could take engagements every day! Hope you like them guys!!!