Jessica’s Bridal Shower

My future sister in law, Jessica, is up visiting from Utah right now and happened to mention that she didn’t have any kind of bridal shower planned! I had 2 showers, (one planned by my bridesmaids in Utah at Uni, and one in England planned by my friends and family), and I had so much fun, and still have so many good memories, that I wanted the same for her… so I got plotting planning!

I had to pull something together FAST since she flies home tomorrow- so I called my mother in law and my sister in law, Kristen- and the three of us got to work! Kristen volunteered for decorations, and did an AMAZING job!

This is a pic of us “partners in crime” after finishing all the decorating!
Kristen made these adorable pink and white pom poms… I have been meaning to try these myself for a while…. hers look perfect. She’ll have to teach me! The Bride-to-be’s seat.

I was in charge of the cupcakes, and went with a classic pink theme. Of course they had to be chocolate for our girl party…. and I iced them with buttercreme because i’m boring safe like that! (I decided today though, that I am going to start getting creative with my cupcake recipes, and decorating!!!)

I made some cupcake toppers out of circles I cut out with a punch, a sharpie and some toothpicks! I feel like I totally cheated, but they turned out okay!I also volunteered to do the favours! I went online for some inspiration and found this love poetry box by Martha Stewart, and decided to do a more personal version of it…. so I asked my brother in law what “their song” was, and printed it in type face. At first, I covered an entire cardboard box with it, and decided it actually looked better (and saved a LOT of time and effort)  if I just covered the lid! Then I added a sheery pink ribbon and a cute little heart charm I found at Michaels!
Then I filled them with heart candies that I also found in the wedding favour aisle, and some pink wrapped Dove chocolates! Here is the beautiful bride to be! She was SO surprised and had such a great evening!!!! There was good food, fun games, cute prizes, beautiful decorations- and a lot of fun girls who gave her a lot of great gifts, so it turned out perfect! I hope she has some fun, lasting memories of her bridal shower…. because she needs to be spoilt {& embarassed} right before her wedding day!!! It’s American tradition. and she wasn’t getting off that easy! ;-)