D.I.Y Fall Centerpiece with Matching Napkin Holders

I love decorating for fall, probably more so than any other season. I love the mossy, sage greens, the deep browns, the sheer-y oranges and neutral creams. I was kind of relieved to take down the gaudy halloween decor to put up the classier autumn decorations, except- I was missing a beautiful centerpiece, and since November is all about Thanksgiving and the food, I need a cute table, right?!

So yesterday when my husband was in town, I had him stop by the craft store for me! (Town is 50 miles away, or I would have just nipped in myself). I asked him to pick up a hurricane candle holder, a candle, and some twigs and berries (of course he made some jokes about that!) And then I accidentally sent a text to my sister saying: “did you ask the nice lady!?” Which was actually meant for him! Anyway… here’s what he came home with:He found pretty much everything on sale (the twigs and berries were $2 each)… I know my husband is better than me at most things, but shopping should NOT be one of them! So, i’m going to let you into a little secret… he took a floral design course at BYU. He says it was to “get the ladies,” but we all know he didn’t need a flower class for that! (See what I mean?)

Okay we’re getting way off topic here. I’m supposed to be showing you how to make a cute fall centerpiece! I started by tying the twigs together, so they were nice and tight, and put them in the bottom of the glass hurricane. Then in the middle I put some beautiful padding… (a walmart plastic bag!) I needed something to elevate my candle!
 Don’t worry. No one will ever know it’s there….our little secret. 

The next steps are really easy! You’re going to pour in some berries, or beads, or whatever you can find that’s colourful and small, to the same proportion as your twigs. Then some larger nuts or pinecones go on top! I couldn’t make the leaves work, so I used some pot-potpourri I had! Anything will work, as long as there are 2-3 layers and you’ve got some nice fall colours in there, you should be good. P.S. to give it an extra dimension, you could tie something around the outside too! I used some of the same ribbon I used in my wreath. It has that beautiful, sheer-y orange I was talking about! <3

Here is the finished centerpiece!

Also, I made some cute napkin holders to match, by tying some of the same ribbon around the napkin:
 I didn’t tie it too tightly, so the napkin can just slide right out. I love it. Simple. Inexpensive, but classy.

Now i’ll make my hubby a nice dinner to repay him for shopping at a craft-store for me! (He didn’t ask “the nice lady,” and was in there for about 45 minutes!) He’s awesome! Happy November!!!

Love, Sarah.