Braden & the Fall Leaves

The other day my son Braden was out playing in the beautiful fall leaves, and since tomorrow is the first of December and autumn is coming to an end, I thought I would get out my camera, and take a few photos! I am really glad I did, because I just got some new radlab software, and these pictures were a lot of fun to “play” with. One new thing I am learning is “dirty pictures” which are overlays that make your photos look “dirty” or “vintage.” I am not sure how I feel about that style yet… but it was fun to play around with a little bit! Here are a few of my favourite photos:

Braden Cullen?!
This is the same photo as the other one above, but I put a radlab “dirty photos” overlay on it. I’m not sure if i’m in love with it?!… I <3 close-up Black and Whites!!My favourite! It’s really nice to have cute little subjects to practice photography on. I just ordered a new lens which will hopefully improve my pictures a ton, so my two little cuties better be ready! 😉

Thanks for reading, and keep posted!

Love, Sarah