My Little Cowboy

It’s kind of perfect that Braden wanted to be a little cowboy for Halloween, because we live in the wild wild west! Apart from all the green irrigated farmland around here, it’s VERY dry and hardly ever rains– and there are tumbleweeds everywhere! It made for some really cool pictures. P.S. Isn’t he the cutest cowboy you have EVER seen?! I just love my little guy!

Like all the other Christensen guys, he’s pretty obsessed with guns! :-/ “This town aint big enough for the two of us!”

He took his little hat off and said: “Howdy!”

This is my fave!

I used RadLab to create some cool warming effects, because there isn’t any warm sun around here anymore! Yesterday I was out in my T-shirt, and today I am cold in my jumper/sweater! :-( I guess Fall is finally here in time for Halloween.