Halloween Cupcakes

I love making cakes and cupcakes, but have never made any for Halloween before. Then today I was thinking i’d make some for my Beehives (the 12 & 13 year old girls in my church) since we were having a halloween-themed youth night! (Practicing our AMAZING skit for the ward Halloween party on saturday night).

They were a big hit, so I thought i’d share some pictures and tips on how to make them. When I go to the craft store they have rows of Halloween cupcake supplies, and I should have picked some up- but I wasn’t prepared, and ended up making these with things I had in my cupboards already.

For the spider cupcakes you’ll need:
chocolate cupcakes
chocolate frosting
Black licorice (I used Twizzlers)
Red/yellow candies for the eyes (I would have used mini m&m’s or nerds, but all I had on hand was gob-stoppers!)
chocolate sprinkles and black piping gel

Directions: Coat your cupcake in the sprinkles. Cut up your twizzlers- in half (length-ways) and then to half their width, and half again and poke them in your cupcake. Place the red/yellow candy eyes on, and pipe with black icing/gel on top! 

For the Mummy Cupcakes you will need:
Vanilla Cupcakes
Chocolate frosting (the darker the better)
White fondant
Yellow icing or yellow candies (I used gob-stoppers again)
Black piping gel

Directions: cut your fondant into strips.
Place 2 pieces in arcs around there the eyes will go, then layer more around them.
Put on the candies for eyes and pipe with black gel
P.S. The purple eyes don’t really work! Yellow and red look best, (I just ran out of them).

GHOST CUPCAKES! (My fave’s!)
Here’s what you’ll need for the ghost cupcakes:
Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate frosting
White fondant
Lolly pops/suckers

Directions: Roll out your white fondant, then cut small circles and big circles. (The small ones will cover your lolly/sucker and the big ones will drape over your sucker, and be your ghost). Cut your lolly sticks so they’re shorter then cut a potato in half and stick your first lolly in it. Cover it with fondant, and then drape your larger fondant circle around it.
Weird, but clever! Next, stick the ghost on the lolly into your cupcake.

Now give your ghost some character with an edible black marker/piping gel!

 Look how cute, I mean Spooky he is!

Speaking of Spooky… this is by far the most freaky halloween cupcake EVER!
When I put the ghost in the middle of the cupcake, it was leaning funny, and when I took it off- it made this freaky imprint. I’m not even joking… I didn’t photoshop this, or carve it…. it was just sitting there with another one I had done wrong.