Best Bites Caramel Syrup

My sister in law came across this AMAZING caramel sauce and made it for our mother in law, who then made it for me, who then made it for my little girl, Gemma….

and i’m pretty sure we all love it as much as she does! (We just choose not to drink it). Here is the link to the best bites caramel sauce: Caramel RecipeĀ 
P.S. Daddy had bath duty that night! :-)

Seriously. One taste and you will be thinking of all the things you want to put it on…

Apples! (Grown from our lovely neighbours)

My home made vanilla ice cream! YUM!

It even makes my pancakes taste delicious… which is saying something! (For some reason I can’t make a perfect pancake to save my life!)

And of course Americans will put it on French toast…. probably their bacon too….
It’s just good on almost everything! Try it!!