Sunday Dinner: Beef Wellington

Sunday lunches at my house usually consist of a cheese quesadilla or frozen chicken nuggets, because after three hours of church, my babies are tired and hungry and pretty darn grumpy… so I need to get them fed ASAP and down for naps! Then the husband comes home from his meetings-raiding the cupboards and fridge, and usually makes himself some kind of microwaved tortilla covered in ketchup and cheese, (which makes me feel like the worst house-wife in the world) and teases me relentlessly about how I didn’t save him any lunch! (As if he’d feel loved eating a plate of cold chicken nuggets?!)

Anyway, today I decided to make something special for us while the babies slept: Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington! We LOVE Gordon Ramsey and watch a couple of his shows, and we’ve always wondered what his Beef Wellington tasted like. Well, I thought i’d be bold and daring and finally just attempt to make it! (To understand why this was “brave” for me, you have to know that my dinners usually consist of chicken or pasta…or chicken with pasta, and I don’t venture outside of that comfort zone a whole lot). Anyway, here’s how it went:

Don’t worry. This is NOT the end result!¬†These are some portabello mushrooms we blended and cooked in a pan to release all the moisture! (I say ‘we’ because I cheated and had my husband cook the nasty-looking stuff!) He was having fun….

I laid out cling film/seran wrap, layered the prosciutto on it (which we used in place of parma ham) and spread the mushrooms on top. Then put the Beef Filet in the middle and wrapped it up!

Rolled up and ready to chill

Here it is brushed with an egg glaze, covered in rock salt and scored

And here’s me taking it out of the oven about 40 minutes later…I’m just happy it LOOKS like a Beef Wellington. I have no idea if it’ll even be good…

It looks good on the outside…. but I have a feeling it’s either undercooked or overcooked in the middle… after-all, if all the professional chefs in Hell’s Kitchen can’t get it right… i’m pretty sure mine’s going to be an absolute disaster!!!

Yay! It turned out perfect. (In my standards, not Gordon Ramsey’s!) I don’t know how that happened. Beginner’s luck?!

If you want to know how to make this, here’s the link to Gordon Ramsey’s video tutorial I followed:¬†

It ended up being a really expensive, really time consuming, really challenging dish: BUT I had never had so much fun cooking in my entire life! It was fun seeing it all come together step by step, and using different ingredients that i’d never used before, but mostly, I just loved having my husband in the kitchen cooking alongside me! Plus, it’s a bonus when you spend so much time, energy and effort on a dish that actually tastes WORTH IT! This was absolutely delicious!! No more microwaved cheese & ketchup tortillas for sunday lunches!