Home Made Peach Jam

A kind farmer’s wife just gave me a bunch of freshly picked peaches, and so I thought it was time for me to have a go at making home made jam! My mother in law uses the freezer jam recipe from the SureJell box, and it’s SUPER GOOD, so I thought i’d just use the same one. It’s really simple too……..

Here are all the ingredients you need: sugar, peaches, jam jars, pectin (and a lemon!) 

Here’s how to make it: peel & finely chop 3 cups of peaches then add 2Tbsp fresh lemon juice to them. Measure 4 1/4 cups sugar and mix it into the fruit. Let stand for 10 minutes.

Stir 1 box pectin and 3/4 cups water in a pan, boil for 1 minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir the pectin into the fruit and sugar. Keep stirring for about 3 minutes until the sugar has dissolved, and you’re done!  

Pour the jam into jars/containers and leave a little space at the top (because when it freezes it expands) and then leave it to set for 24 hours on the counter. SO SIMPLE! I should feel accomplished in some way for just having made Jam, but I don’t because it was about as easy as making a peanut butter and jam sandwich!  Here’s my jam jar (decorated of course!) I haven’t needed to buy or make jam since i’ve lived here because my mother in law and friends give it to me… so now it’s my turn to make some for them!